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“Natural Origins embodies the demonstration of a strong Health Foundation to THRIVE long term!  We focus on establishing health resilience and regaining Capacity to deal with life’s stressors with mineral balance by addressing lifestyle (specifically all the aspects regarding the depths on how you truly live, which affects every system in your body – this is almost always overlooked), stress perceived by the body by honoring the laws of our reality for optimal well-being, nervous system regulation, energetic components, nutrient replenishment. 

Our experience in this industry over the years have shown that foundational work is the most powerful to rebuild broken down and compromised systems.   True progress in healing requires a well-rounded approach to cover all systems required for optimal health.  Band-aid solutions like mass-supplementation, health tools like herbs, devices, detoxes and many different mechanisms before doing the core work from where lasting change actually sprouts;  yields little results long-term.

Our approach is setting a strong foundation while replenishing deficiencies and correcting imbalances at the nervous system and mineral, energetic and cellular level from where the body automates health reclamation.  This allows the body to correct the root causes of symptoms effectively.  The body always regenerates and tries to heal.  Symptoms are the language of the body.  We  teach clients how to tune into their bodies and understand what is being communicated, in combination with strategic testing with HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) and blood serum functional testing to give insights on the blind spots that conventional bloodwork often miss.  

We don’t provide medical advice at all, always check recommendations with a healthcare professional.  We trust that you will significantly benefit from these health principles that will not only help set up  durable health, but will change the way you view your body and experience health forever.”

Alta Christie – Director / Mineral Nutritionist

Get out of survival mode and THRIVE with...

HTMA - Displaying Minerals & toxic Metals at Cellular Level:


The Essence of Vibrant Health - $115

~A Masterclass ~ 1 WEEK RENTAL. This is where Vitality meets Balance & Well-Being! What is the true foundation of optimal health, vitality, being in a state of vibrancy, resilience and optimal capacity with a pure enthusiasm for life? It really comes down to how safe the body feels. The body thrives within a state of safety and in this Masterclass we will dive deep into the action steps to achieve this state on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, energetically) by supporting your body's core needs and honoring the laws of life. We touch upon every single aspect you need to address in the way you live your life and how you need to change, so that your body can regenerate itself. This Masterclass is based upon personal and client experience. The best part is, almost all of these strategies are free to implement. This is a powerful Masterclass established with heart and soul to give those who yearn for true change, the most powerful tools so that you too, can thrive in your body again. Not Medical Advice. T&C's Apply

Mineral Balancing to Reclaim Vibrant Health - $205

~A MasterClass ~ 1 WEEK RENTAL. Understanding your body's mineral system is the doorway to rebalance your system. If you yearn for a deeper understanding about the foundational role minerals play within the body, the importance of their ratios, how heavy metals interplay and replace and affect the body due to mineral deficiencies , how minerals help hormones and all systems within the body auto-correct, and how the HTMA can be utilised as a powerful tool to assess stress and systemic health; this Masterclass dives into the intricate details. Learn about how to regain balance by using the potent power of minerals in food, via lifestyle and strategic supplementation. We dive even deeper into the supportive roles of Mineral Balancing to restore Adrenal Burnout, Metabolism, Hormones & Energy and full body vitality. If you want to get into the most robust and resilient physical state of long-lasting health that you have ever been in, you will have all the information at your fingertips upon completion! Not Medical Advice. T&C's Apply

3-Month Coaching +HTMA to Reclaim Vibrant Health

Three-month Support package - including an HTMA test. (If you have an HTMA, please use coupon code HTMA50)

* 3 x 30min Zoom Sessions (1 Session per month - per appointment).
* An in-depth feedback report and health regimen protocol + recommendations/suggestions.
* 4 x main Email correspondence sessions per month (once per week on a Friday).
* Quick Support, Progress, Feedback in-between sessions via Whatsapp.
* Popular option for those who completed the Masterclasses for a strong foundation.
* HTMA Shipping excluded - Clients send off their HTMA samples as per our instructions to the
Lab directly via their own courier. Results will be sent back via Email.
Not Medical Advice. E&OE. T&C's Apply.

HTMA & Interpretation once-off + 4 Weeks Support

Once off HTMA interpretation - including an HTMA test. (If you have an HTMA please use coupon code HTMA50)

* 1 x 60min Zoom Session (per appointment).
* An in-depth feedback report and health regimen protocol + recommendations/suggestions.
* Quick Support via Email once per week for 4 Weeks after the session.
* HTMA Shipping excluded - Clients send off their HTMA samples as per our instructions to the
Lab directly via their own courier. Results will be sent back via Email.
Not Medical Advice. E&OE. T&C's Apply.

Open Detox Pathways Mini Protocol

Action Steps to open up your Detox Pathways

Powerful action steps to support your Drainage Pathways is an amazing way to fast-track your healing journey.  If detox pathways are closed up or sluggish, nutrient absorption and detoxification are severely hindered.  A lot of nutrients are needed for detox pathways to be opened up and detox should not be stimulated if nutrition and adrenal support are not adequate.  We discuss this in the protocol.  All steps are pre-set into a weekly regularity schedule suggestion for your convenience and for easy implementation into your daily life.  Detox systems covered includes the Gut, Bladder, Kidneys, Liver, Bile, Lymphatic system, Lungs and Skin detox pathways with correct techniques like lymph drainage, rebounding, Castor Oil Pack usage, Nutrients, Sweating and more!  Note; This is NOT a detoxification protocol – the body automatically detoxes when it is replenished and balanced with minerals and when detox pathways are supported!  See you on the inside, it’s a good one! Not Medical Advice.  T&C’s Apply

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Nutrients in Wholefoods

Nutritional food sources covering major Vitamins/Mineral requirements where we should get nutrients primarily – FOOD.

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5-Step Energy Replenishment

Powerful Energy Replenishment Foundations that is easy to implement, without overwhelm!

(These habits are foundational to vibrant health and some are lifestyle gems that move the needle more than any protocol can ever match.)