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“At the core of Natural Origins is the knowledge that one cannot re-build a structure on a broken down, weak or non-existent foundation, so why on earth would we try to do it with our bodies?  Shortcuts don’t work, they often back-fire.  Often times the stress hormones excreted when we try new, stress inducing strategies, makes us feel better for a while, until we don’t!  The Body cannot be forced.  There are natural laws of life that affect our bodies that cannot be altered – they are always in play, whether we like it or not, they play an intricate role in how we re-establish health.  Alternative Health tools without a strong foundation will try to manipulate the body, but the body’s innate wisdom always wins and it will always rebel against these short cuts, leaving us feeling more frustrated than ever.  The answer is, we need the strong foundation to thrive and regain resilience!  A well-rounded approach supporting the nervous system, tuning into our core needs and mineral balance with proper nutrition is a great starting point!”

Alta Christie – Director

Mineral Balancing with HTMA

HTMA or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a non-invasive tool utilised to measure minerals and the relationships between minerals and metals within the body at cellular level.  The test is conducted by submitting a hair sample at one of the only two specialized HTMA Lab in the US where the hair is not washed prior to testing.  


HTMA is used as an effective tool to assess 15 mineral levels in the body and 7 main mineral-RATIOS.  The measurements are a cellular representation of mineral/metal interplay within the body.  We measure the status of the relationship between the agonistic and antagonistic minerals and metals by looking at the ratio/relationship between them.  It also tests for 7 heavy metals and toxic elements.


Mineral relationships (ratios) sheds light on:
Metabolic Rate (Oxidation Rate), Nervous system health, Adrenals & Vitality, Thyroid, Hormones, Adrenal Health, Blood Sugar & Cardiovascular Health, Underlying infections, Immune system health, Trauma, Emotional & Mental health and current Toxicities.


15 Main Minerals are tested:
Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc, Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese, Chromium, Selenium, Boron, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Sulfur.


7 Main Heavy Metals Tested: 
Uranium, Arsenic, Beryllium, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, Aluminum.


HTMA’s gives us excellent feedback of the state of health the body is in at the root, it’s Mineral Status, which is largely or mostly affected by internal and external stressors in our lives.  These stressors are often misunderstood, overlooked or dismissed as the ultimate foundation of why one has symptoms.  The HTMA shows us what has been happening in the body over the past 3-4 months and is a great prediction of future health ailments if not corrected – unlike blood tests that only capture a moment in time.  If you can balance your minerals, you usually balance almost everything else in the body.  It is an effective tool to tell us what the stress load on the body is, as mentioned – of which systemic stress from different sources is one of the main root causes and culprits of poor health status.
It tells us how well the body is using nutrients and how the body is coping and adapting to stress and life.  It offers a report of the body’s stress status.  Minerals enable enzyme production and enzymes run all the functions within the body!  Stress(ors) affect these enzymes dramatically.


While we do offer Blood Serum Test interpretations according to Functional Ranges (to ensure we find imbalances accurately) to cross-link to HMTA data and give us an in-depth picture of health issues, there are some draw-backs to doing serum testing without HTMA’s.

HTMA offer many advantages in comparison to blood tests:

Blood Tests – Invasive, Time Consuming, A LOT of vials are needed to test for all these minerals and ratios that the HTMA test non-invasively, often inaccurate or not comprehensive enough (blood is the highway, many markers are dependent on circadian fluctuations during the day and blood also does not measure what goes on cellularly or in the tissues).  Bloodwork requires a trained practitioner to interpret the results, and is often misinterpreted due to the large conventional ranges of the blood labs.  This is why we always use functional ranges, it spots imbalances much more accurately than the lab ranges.

HTMA’s – Non-invasive, Easy and effortless, comparing to blood is more affordable for much more information, offers an  accurate indication of the state of minerals and toxicities in the body at tissue level obtained in 1 simple test.  Requires a properly trained practitioner to interpret the results as it is not straight-forward to interpret at all – one needs a very deep understanding of how minerals interact and influence each other.  A high level may indicate a loss and not excess, a low level might mean it is affected by another mineral/metal.  Low metals may indicate poor elimination due to lack of systemic energy.


By no means is this test the end all be all when we are correcting our imbalances, but it gives us a very good starting point to see where the body are health-wise at the root and where one needs to focus to
start rebalancing.


What sets Natural Origins Apart:

We use a full-rounded approach that encompass ALL healing necessities.  Health is not one-dimensional and more often than not, reclaiming vibrant health requires a multi-dimensional approach including:


Habits – HOW you live!  This cannot be stressed enough.  This is where the magic of results lies.  We focus upon sleep, stress and stressors, light, energy, your intentions and beliefs, traumas, relationships and more. 


Trust & Faith – Trusting your body, having faith in God and the way he created your body to only know healing!  Knowing the body is always on your side and ALL symptoms are representations of protection and adaptation for your best interest. 


Nervous System & Vagus Nerve Work – The nervous system, specifically the vagus nerve is the ruler of the body’s ability to self-correct.  Often times the nervous system have been compromised to a point from where a little help is needed to get it back to full functioning powerhouse that it is!  


Trauma & Emotional Work – When we see trauma patterns on the HTMA, we will encourage you to work with a professional to bring balance emotionally and working through your traumas is necessary to support the mineral system to regain balance.  Often times some HTMA patterns stay stuck until emotional balance is regained.  So cool!  


Nutrition – A law of life is that the body functions and should gain energy from nutrients.  Enzymatic functions, which is responsible for every system within the body to work, can only be activated properly if we address the Gut, Metabolism, Hormones, the nutrients required for every bodily-pathway via Minerals and to remove the metals that inhibit these enzymes or take up residence at their receptor sites so that the body can once again function and you feel your best.  


Lymphatic System & Drainage Pathways – These systems must work optimally to ensure safe and effective detoxification and toxin liberation. 


We also don’t place all the focus on supplementation, herbs, health tools and devices and surely not on a stressful protocol – the results stem from removing stressors from the body.  Often times this starts with our beliefs and how we live.  These are FREE to change!  When the body is relieved from stressors, it can and will rejuvenate!  



My Story – How I recovered with Mineral Balancing & HTMA:


My story unfolds as I ‘crashed’ from nutrition deficiencies post-partum – which was one of the most difficult journeys I landed myself on, AND managed to heal mainly with habits changes, food strategies, bio-individual supplementation short-term and without medication.  While I did make use of supplements, herbs and other tools, I quickly learned that if I want long-lasting results, they need to be used at the right time, not necessarily as a first step!  

After seeing tens of doctors, therapists and specialists, from all healing modalities you can think of,

the answers I needed to form a proper health foundation, had to be figured out by my own learning efforts.  I was thinking, ‘how can NONE of these experts figure out what is wrong with me?’ 

I just knew that I had to step up and find the answers for myself!

What unfolded was not just limited ‘fix-the-symptoms’ answers, but what true healing is at the deepest level.  From all angles, physical, emotional, mental, energetic.  I was forced to learn and study it all. 

I had to address the accumulation of all my poor health choices over the years, even the ones I thought was healthy!  Here’s the kicker!!  A LARGE part of what drove me into the mess was emotional.

Addressing Stress, Stressors, Toxicity, Blood Sugar Regulation, Gut Health, Liver Health, Thyroid, Adrenal Health, Hormonal Balance, Mineral and Nutrient deficiencies, Enzyme production, stomach acid, Emotional Wounds, Trauma, Energy all formed part of healing holistically, but addressing these was never compartementalised.  It also took years to figure out!   

Of course, I am not a doctor and I will never give out any medical advice or try and diagnose you, but I givee my clients the principles that shapes their health journey into long-lasting results and success.  

Many, many people have had an impact on the knowledge and results I acquired from sharing the research and clinical experience of the most prominent health educators of our time.  So to keep it simple, the principles I teach are mainly based upon the work of these experts, taking all perspectives into consideration to make sure the best possible recommendations are provided for each individual client. 

These experts include the Pioneers of HTMA and Mineral Balancing protocols; Dr. Paul Eck, Dr. David Watts, Dr. Rick Malter, Dr. Lawrence Wilson, but also Dr. Ray Pete (Pro-Metabolic healing), Morley Robins (Mineral Research Expert), Dr. Weston A Price (Ancestral healing diet foundations), Dr. Michael E. Platt’s (Adrenalin and Hormone expert) research and findings and of course my personal experience in my own health journey, that of the clients I have worked with and the knowledge acquired from hundreds of hours of research on clinical studies published by the most respected medical journals and research papers.  I have also completed in-depth trainings specializing in HTMA testing and proper interpretation, and additional supportive courses about the Nervous System, (Irene Lyon), the Vagus Nerve (Dr. Perry Nickleston) and Functional Blood Chemistry (Fundamental Wellness Institute) and completed a Fully Accredited Professional Nutritionist Diploma from KEW Training Academy accredited by CTAA.  I am also an active participant in many online health related practitioner groups and circles.