Hi, I’m Alta Christie

“Welcome to Natural Origins! 

At the core of Natural Origins is the knowledge that one CANNOT RE-BUILD A STRUCTURE ON A BROKEN DOWN, WEAK OR NON-EXISTENT FOUNDATION, so why on earth would we try to do it with our bodies?  Short cuts don’t work, they often back-fire.  Often times the stress hormones excreted when we try new, stress inducing strategies, makes us feel better for a while, until we don’t!  The Body cannot be forced.  Alternative Health tools without a strong foundation will try to manipulate the body, but the body’s innate wisdom always wins and it will always rebel against these short cuts, leaving us feeling more frustrated than ever.  The answer is, we need the strong foundation to thrive!  Minerals and proper food nutrition is a great starting point!”

Alta Christie – Director


Yes!!  Health shouldn’t be so damn complicated!  

My story unfolds as I ‘crashed’ from nutrition deficiencies post-partum – which was one of the most difficult journeys I landed myself on, AND managed to heal mainly with food strategies, without medication.  I did use supplements, herbs and other tools, but quickly learned that if I want long-lasting results, they need to be used at the right time, not necessarily as a first step!  

After seeing tens of doctors, therapists and specialists, from all healing modalities you can think of, the answers I needed to form a proper health foundation, had to be figured out by my own efforts. I was thinking, ‘how on earth can none of these experts figure out what is wrong with me?’ 

I just knew that I had to step up and find the answers for myself!

What unfolded was not just limited ‘fix-the-symptoms’ answers, but what true healing is at the deepest level.  From all angles, physical, emotional, mental, energetic.  I was forced to learn it all. 

I had to address the accumulation of all my poor health choices over the years, even the ones I thought was healthy!  

Addressing Stress, Stressors, Toxicity, Blood Sugar Regulation, Gut Health, Liver Health, Thyroid, Adrenal Health, Hormonal Balance, Mineral and Nutrient deficiencies, Enzyme production, stomach acid, Emotional Wounds, Trauma, Energy all formed part of healing holistically.

Of course, I am not a doctor and I will never give out any medical advice or try and diagnose you, but I can give you the principles that will shape your health journey into long-lasting success.  

Many, many people have had an impact on the knowledge and results I acquired from sharing the research and clinical experience of the most prominent health educators of our time.  So to keep it simple, the principles I teach are mainly based upon the work of these experts, namely Dr. Ray Pete (Pro-Metabolic healing), Morley Robins (Mineral Research Expert), Dr. Weston A Price (Ancestral healing diet), Dr. Michael E. Platt’s (Adrenalin and Hormone expert) research and findings.